About President

About President

Hedefbbir Technical presidant, Turkey's metropolitan city which makes plumbing works in Istanbul in 1990 pavilion began to work in the plumbing company in Istanbul and worked as a master plumber in the company in the coming years. In 2001, he worked as a welder in the factory which manufactures IMA stainless steel machine. In 2002, he stayed there for about a year to train blue collar personnel to a factory in Russia named Novbit İmarus.

after a while returned to Turkey was separated from Ima Steel. Here, the machine has grown itself in manufacturing and mechanical systems and it has been a very useful period of study for him.

After working one year in Ayçel Paslanmaz Makina Sanayi firm, he left and returned to the installation sector which is his main occupation.

Some of the sanitary plumbing in the market, floor heating and natural gas installation companies have worked.

In 2006, he subcontracted the natural gas pipe welder certificate.

Various installation and natural gas companies; natural gas main column and interior plumbing works and made renovation, decoration and repair works for the residence, villa, factory, business center, shopping centers of the customers on the market.

In 2011, he founded the Universal Energy Company as three partners. They create their own brands of heat pumps and produce heat pumps with air source as domestic goods. 11 production and application were made. In 2012, the company left the company as its partner.

He worked as a mechanic technician and pool operator in elite sites in Istanbul Sancaktepe. In 2014, Sancaktepe Municipality worked as a general (electrical, mechanic and technician and pool operator) technical staff at the Mustafa Öncel Sports Complex with semi olympic swimming pool and 21 different branches.

After leaving, Sancaktepe natural gas pipeline and installation modifications of 444SÖNER company opened in Sancaktepe, İstanbul. As of April 15th, it started to live in Fethiye district.

He worked as a pool operator in NG Property Services firm in Akarca district in Fethiye.

As of November 15, 2017, Hedefbir Technical Service, which is its own company, was established.

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