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About Company

Technical Hedefbir as a family; water and heating installations, repairs and renovation works, we are honored to serve you our valued customers..

Turkey's metropolitan city with water since 1990 in Istanbul, heating, gas, plumbing, repairs, renovation, decoration etc. We are at your service with the experiences we have at work. Natural gas main column and internal installations (industrial operation, industrial kitchen, residential and avm gas installations) Mechanical installation air conditioning duct installation and ventilation ducts etc. Fethiye region Kale bathroom (battery, armature, shower booth, shower cabin, levabo assembly repairs and spare parts) are authorized service bureaus. We are at your service with technical cadres in pool maintenance repairs renovation business issues. We are at your service for garden maintenance and landscaping.


In Fethiye region, sanitary installation, central heating installation, pool and garden maintenance work to be a business institution to be an example of dimensions.

Mission & Vision


Technical Hedefbir as a family; to provide quality products and services , to be respectful to the community and to the environment, to provide the satisfaction of our customers and employees, to work properly and honestly within the frame of ethical values and to achieve productive and sustainable business results in compliance with legal regulations and standards.


Thinking, cultivating, manufacturing, always being a respectable example business. Our clients are parents.

Certificates & Documents

We have documented the professional accumulation of years through the relevant institutions and organizations. Do not forget that your work is in specialist hands! We currently have around 50 certifications.

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